the good, the bad, and the ugly

Hi Lifting lovers

Before I get into exactly how bad my attitude was at today's session, here's a 90kg man doing even worse than I did (but with a much better attitude):
special thanks to Ali for making me feel better about my session today by comparision.

Today we did snatch for what seemed like forever first. I  got some PB no lifts, adding throwing it behind me, and running forwards off the podium to my repetoire. I finished on 37 1/2 kg, which actually went really nicely, before seeing 40kg on the bar and not even bothering to try to get under it, shortly followed by a childish sulk, one stuck out bottom lip from a foot stamp.

The next exercise was hang snatch. Similiar story again: 37 1/2 kg lovely. 40kg epic fail. I am reliably informed that mental walls like this are common and just part of weight lifting. This didn't make me feel better.

Here's a video of my nice snatch:

Finally we did a new exercise called a clean grip overhead squat. I managed 35 kg before failing, walking out and spending some quiet time crying like a child getting some fresh air.

A couple of people have said to me that I can't get PB's every session; I think they think I am crying like a spoilt child because I can't get a PB. It isn't that - I have had a horrible week at work with solicitors writing threats and being frustrated at my company for not using me for my legal background. I have spent all week being denied of defending myself and that grates on my nature. Plus I ruined my legs on Tuesday with a badly estimated 5 mile hilly run after 4 weeks off running with a sprained ankle, followed by the usual midweek ballet and riding.

I think the biggest lesson today has been that some of the biggest PB's of my life are going to be the mental ones. The bar doesn't care if your boss doesn't recognise your abilities and the plates aren't interested if you didn't get enough sleep.

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