Hi platform monkeys

Today was the first day of my first ever training routine and it was also the first time I have ever trained unattended (if unattended means looked after by Ellie1). 

Let's dive right in: 
Power snatches - some sets of some weight
Snatches - some weights in some kind of order
Power jerk - again more sets of increasing weight
Back squat - again, sets, weight. 

That was a little bit elusive of me, but I have decided not to give away everything.
Oooh, get her. 

Today was the first time I have done back squats since the bf forced got me to do months and months ago. I found them painful as I have damaged my tendon in my thigh/hip at ballet a few weeks ago and it's still sore. At least I have corrected if I am concentrating the little wiggle where my left hip chucks the weight onto the right halfway up a squat.

It's about time I introduce to you Ellie1. She's the original Ellie, myself being a poor imitation Ellie2. Here's Ellie1 getting the 40kg snatch I can't:
 Ultimately, it was a good training session but my ego needs to re-adjust to not having any attention (although perhaps I should think of it as not needing it now) and letting go of being the novelty wonder kid (I say kid in the loosest possible way, i.e. inaccurately). 
Later powerhouses!

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