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Hey clean jerks!
I am now training 3 days a week, today included, so you lucky Ellie-fans get 3 blogs a week! Moment to celebrate... and we're back in the room.

Today's training:
Power Clean
Clean Pull
Front Squat

I genuinely thought I'd ruined myself for today's session with my 5 mile run plus 25 minute interval workout yesterday and the worrying urge to sleep at about 3pm this afternoon at work. As it turns out, I am a machine was fine. 

Luckily the fantastic BF brought his magical box along again so we have something other than my very happy butt to look at, although having said that, this is a video of people looking at my happy butt doing squats:
The form isn't bad considering this is about the millionth squat. 

The second video is of my C+J so we can see how far I've gone backwards come - notice how the bar threatens to expose my epic abs pulling up my shirt - that's what is supposed to happen. 

The bar should run up your body as close as possible - it's the same theory as manual handling at work, when they tell you to hold the cardboard box close to your body instead of holding it out at arm's length, only in this instance you're throwing the weight with all your strength then carefully balancing it above your head. Don't try that at work. 

believe in your own hype - no one else will

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