"she'll do anything"

wassup heavy homies

Tonight was the 3rd session of the new training programme. As an observation, I would say, at this point in the training, I'm knackered already really enjoying it :)

Tonight we did:
- more snatches than is healthy 

- more clean + jerks than is decent

- clean dead pulls, which is like a clean pull but slowed down until you wish you were dead
- more back squats, which resulted in this:
Me, with an ice pack down my pants

All in all, it was a really fun session. I love training with Ellie1 :) I think my snatch is improving but the clean needs to get closer to my hip, but I think the clean wish you were dead pulls really teach me to extend. 

Here's a set before Andy got me to extend properly...
You're not seeing double, that's Ellie1 in the background :) 

I have a video of these done better but blogger is being gay difficult and won't load it :'( you'll just have to take my word for it that it's as epic as my abs. 

peace out and remember, if your hip flexor hurts, don't leave it 4 weeks until you start a gruelling 18 week training routine with masses of squats before you get that ice down your pants ...x

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