Hi weekend weasels

Today I invited Ellie1 over to the BF's super garage gym today for a bonus round of strengthening exercises after a quick interval workout warm up :) 

Here's what we did:
clean pulls
back squats
snatch pulls

I am still icing my hip so am not squatting as much as I know my legs can handle, which is frustrating but I really want it to heal first so I am being patient (but not patient enough not to squat at all)

The video here is of back squats with a chain on the bar, which isn't just to look badass (that's just a bonus), they work by collecting on the floor as you lower into the squat so at the bottom the bar is lighter, which means it gets heavier as you come up :)

It looks like I might be getting into this lifting lark, I've gone from 1 session a week to 3 with an extra one on a weekend...

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