got my new shoes on

Evening weight wolves

Tonight I had my first ever session without the BF there - it went fine as pops Andy was coaching me. I also got my new weight lifting shoes - they have this solid heel for support and are really heavy to walk in. In a word, clumpy. 

No photos of videos today because the BF wasn't there so here is a unrealistic drawing of my snatch:
There might be some media of today's session later on if Andy sends me any of his videos.

We started with Snatch and we built up and I got a PB at 39kg; I completely hashed up missed the 40kg. Twice. Andy had a video camera in my face tried to record me and Eric spotted me so I felt really watched. A bit worrying that I didn't handle that level of attention well. 

The C+J we worked up to 51kg [PB]. There was a weird slump around 45kg where I seemed to make it harder work than it was. C+J is by far my favourite lift. 

Then we went on to jerk from the boxes and I managed 53kg by Andy not telling me what the weight was and Eric giving me a little advice not to drop too fast but lower slower so the bar isn't hitting me on the shoulders. It worked - BOOM

Finally we finished with some shoulder press for my press outs to keep my arms strong. I did 32kg and then 21 reps with the 15kg bar. 

I think today I was a bit tired from dancing my ass off in a trashy club until 3am my dressage on Saturday - if you're wondering how we did, we got 4th in the easy test because Brownie (the mare) was a complete cow a bit excitable, but like a bad children's story, we pulled it together for the really hard test and got 2nd place, even with a couple of sketchy moments like almost galloping clear out of the arena. Here's a photo of me looking 14 proud with Brownie ->

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