been there, done that, and today I got the t-shirt

Evening gym-jams

Tonight was the night before the Empire Open lifting competition, which I am missing because I am scared shitless have a dressage competition that day. 

It was pretty quiet in the gym so the BF kept an eye on me on a few strengthening exercises rather than anything too technical. I seem to completely fall apart without my coach's attention.  Here's what I did:

- Front Squat - 45kg (PB 50kg)
- Jerk from Box - 52kg [PB]
- Snatch Pull - 50kg (x3)

That's the first time I've ever done a snatch pull and I think I have worked out why all my pulls aren't close to my hip. The first clue was how far over the bar Andy, that's my pseudo dad coach, would position me in Cleans and Snatches from the box. The second was when I was playing warming up today with a broom handle; I was just playing about to find the right movement, hoping my muscles might remember the movement so I don't have to. 

It's a good job I've got the technique down, since the Prime Minister Chairman of the British Weight Lifting Association strolled in today and dad Andy was talking to him and told him I was the next big thing. No pressure there, then.
The absolutely best thing about today was getting my EMPIRE WEIGHT LIFTING CLUB top:

Oh yeah, and snatch pulling 50kg.

Apparently there's another Open in Oxford in August for me to bomb out at get a bit of experience before travelling 100 miles to humiliate myself the Southwest Champs in December. That's right folks, they don't mess around in the WL World.

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