you don't want to get too strong too fast

Levitation - little used WL technique
Hey hey leotard leopards

I have been asked when you can expect your next fix in the weight lifting room, so here is my usual weekly diary - I will endeavour to update you with completely random drivel relevant WL information and my progress as soon as possible after each session, but as you can appreciate, I am useless quite busy.

Monday - WL
Tuesday - Interval workout
Wednesday - Ballet
Thursday - Riding
Friday - WL
Saturday - Interval workout
Sunday - Pass out

Incidentally, I am contemplating a new feature with a video of that week's complete twerp unfortunate soul at lifting, because I am finding that this is a reliably regular occurance on the BF's videos. There might be an ethical issue with this, so I'll just skirt over it and do it anyway.

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