let's talk numbers

Hey Jerks

It has come to my attention that an important part of weight lifting is the actual weight you're lifting, so here are the stats of my last training session (call it session #8, because I lost count):

- Snatch Balance 41kg
- Power Snatch & Hang Snatch 30kg
- Power Snatch 35kg
- Power Clean & Hang Clean (I forgot to write this one down)
- Power Clean 50kg
- Clean Pull 75kg (x3)

I assume you know what all this means; I never know when lifting remember the weight of the lifts, so I bought a little book to write them down. 

The BF suggested this because I'm an idiot it is a good way to keep track: in my interval training I write down my times/reps to compete with myself, so I guess this is what I'll use this for. I better get better because I really hate it when I beat me. 
 My snatch is pretty

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