the very first press out

Hello again snatch-lovers

Last Friday we had what I am told is known as a day spent feeling sick as a dog with nerves and contemplating taking up something like cross stich instead PB night.

I did OK, getting a PB in both lifts, even if the technique was messy, but it didn't feel like much of an achievement on that front, as I get PB's every session at the moment (I can hear you all sighing with the memory of starting out with all those lovely PB's).

The real achievement came in actually getting to the platform - now I have sat post-graduate law exams, competed at dressage when I was 15, taken my driving test 3 2 times, sang for an audition with no music, and given presentations - none of which have ever made me feel so sick with nerves. My coach was really supportive though, and really nursed me through. I don't think without this gentle approach and reassurance I would have made it: "I REALLY wanted you to do this. Are you warming up?"

Funnily enough, once I had warmed up I was fine. The anticipation is always the worst. As Nike say "Just do it" (available for sponsorship, Nike, Just do it)

Here's my Clean + Jerk + Press:

There's a lot to be said for this video about the naked boy but I think I'll just let you enjoy the blatant sneaky little press I did.

Here's the snatch, I lifted slightly heavier than this in my final lift, but one of the coaches accidentally walked in front of the camera and so it is just a 20 second video of his ass trousers.
Although this was technically 36kg, I think we should call it 40 because of that extremely buff giant guy hanging off one side.

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