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Welcome Powerhouses

This blog is to document my epic public humiliation rise to the top of the Weight Lifting world, right from Day 1. It also acts as a cautionary tale for any lifters thinking of trying to get their girlfriend off their backs into weight lifting.

It all started when I had an hour to spare before ballet so I went to watch the BF drop things alot lifting; his coach clinged to my feet, begging me to lift for him  asked the BF if I had ever thought of trying it out, as I looked athletic. A compliment will get you everywhere with me.

And that's how this charade started; a sound base to start a professional athletic career, I think you'll agree.

The idea to blog about it has to be atrributed to a good friend and inspired cricketer, who on making a flattering (read that: misguided) enquiry if I was making a late bid for the Olympics, said I should blog about this weighty journey. Thank you VJ, you better have subscribed to this.

Here are a couple of videos of one of my very first sessions - the snatch and C+J for you to laugh yourself silly at critique:



What a jerk, I think you'll agree.

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