Evening squat enthusiasts

You might've noticed a lack of love for WL training lately from me - I have had some tough sessions (and by tough, I mean mentally). WL, it appears, is something you crawl along at - there's no big moments of 20kg improvements, no moment of elation where you suddenly realise the perfect pull and boom! get it spot on. And there are days when you go backwards.

It's nice to get a PB, and obviously the name of the game is lifting the most you can ultimately. I enjoyed the PB 61kg back squat for two today (I say enjoyed - during the squat I think my face looked like I was in agony/enjoying it too much), but what felt like a much bigger win was working out what I was doing wrong, adjusting it and suddenly being much stronger and more efficient.

Here's my back squat pre-solving from an earlier session. Note my feet are too wide - they should be about shoulder length apart. Like this, I couldn't control the very last few inches of the squat at the bottom because my hips were too open:

If you're looking at that thinking it's such a minor fault, bear in mind I am squatting 45kg here and today managed 61kg. I don't have a video of today's squat (so you'll just have to take my word for it!) because I was training with Andy and ploughing through the session at my kind of speed.

If I could make those sorts of little tweaks to my snatch and C+J then I might just stand a chance. Little by little - there's no time for my impatience.

Laters frustrated frogs x

keep calm and carry on lifting :)

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