Final Day of Heavy Week

Evening lycra fanciers

So today was the last day of our first heavy week on the new training programme and my hands are ripped to shreds.

The BF seems to be really struggling with the heavy sessions at the moment and everyone has found their weaknesses. I personally have found snatches to be the hardest because I'm terrifed about throwing a huge weight right over my head wildly. One thing I have found is that the heavy sessions with millions and reps quite easy. I quite like heavy workloads.

Today's session went quite well - and I have a treat for you! I've created a little compilation film of my snatches, C+J's and snatch dead pulls (I did back squats too but didn't catch them on film).

Here's a role call of my PB's from today:

Snatch Dead Pulls for three reps : 75kg
Back Squats for two reps : 62kg
Back Squat for one rep: 65kg

If only Dead Pulls were an Olympic Lift.


Right, I'm off to put my paws in the freezer until I can't feel the throbbing anymore :')

Happy weekend muscle machines - enjoy your workouts whatever you're doing x

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