stop before you quit

the BF at the bottom of a snatch (or as I call it "no parking zone")
 Hey strap soldiers

On Wednesday I hit a mental rock-bottom. I'd spent a fair bit of the day worrying & thinking about my lifting, mostly frustrated that I have the lowest total going, so when I shuffled into theweightliftingroom full of giant men and Team GB lifters that evening I couldn't even make myself warm up.

I drove home in tears.

Sometimes you have to stop before you quit.

So, after ballet and dressage, I came back to the bar with a fresh head and did my training today. Now because I was a weiner did that, I have to catch up this Sunday & I'll have had no rest days in 10 days by Friday next week, but no worries I am a machine.

Today's session was good: power cleans; C+J; clean pull; back squats; and a bonus round of press [PB 32.5kg for 1]

Here's what it feels like to walk up to the bar...
...and yes, the shoes are necessary.

Later lifting lovers

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