light day (for me)

Hi PB Pumas

Today was a light session, or at least that was the plan on the training plan. Little tip to remember: when you've a light session, don't train with a National Champion & your coach (who is one and the same person).

Snatch (felt rotten and dropped a light one on my back. Legs felt like jelly from Fri/Sat)
Snatch pulls - went quite heavy. slightly dizzy.
Power Jerks - ended up finishing with 40kg - 4 reps (pushed by coach)
Front Squats - ended up finishing with 50kg for 7 (again)

It just goes to show, I still have very little idea how to gauge what's heavy for me and when to push harder. Luckily, Andy does know and made me sweat today. I really enjoyed the thrill of it, tbh.

Also, today the training room was both swelteringly hot & humid, and filled with team GB folk.

Youtube isn't playing ball tonight & I have a curfew on the laptop so I get some z's tonight so I'll have to post the video I had planned to tonight, tomorrow!

later squat squirrels

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