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Evening bar bunnies

Apologies for not updating the blog from Friday's training, I had to mission around for the 5th prescription to fix my ear until almost midnight & then I was training again this morning to catch up on Wednesday's session I missed through being poorly.

Dedication. Get some.

Right, so now my legs are thoroughly exhausted & dinner is in the oven, I can tell you what I've been up to in training before I fall asleep :)

power hang cleans
hang cleans
split jerks
& front squats

This day felt like strengthening/technique for the C+J, in fact the whole week did. I quite enjoyed a session which didn't have either of the olympic lifts in it - takes the pressure off a little.

Power Hang Clean:
Power = means you don't drop into a squat but catch the lift at the top
Hang = means the pull starts from the thigh not the floor, so your arms are hanging
Clean = this is the lift that comes to your shoulders

Here's a Hang Clean - not power, so in these I go down into the full squat, but again it's a hang so I lift from the thigh not the floor. Hangs teach you to fire through your hips and run the bar up close - which is the most efficient way to lift. Hey, if it makes it easier, I'm there.

So that was Friday night - shortly followed by steak for dinner and then what can only be described as a complete farce of an evening trying to get the right meds for my poorly ear. 5 1/2 hours sleep later...

Saturday (technically Wednesday's training day)

On the training programme, Wednesday is a really heavy day after a light day Tuesday, so it makes total sense to do it after a hard session on little sleep. It's OK though, I normally run 5 miles and do a harsh interval workout on my Tuesday "day off" anyway ;) (machine).

Clean Pulls
Clean Dead Pulls
Back Squat

Clean Pulls are just the first pull of the C+J without the clean or indeed jerk. Got that? Good.
Clean Dead Pulls are the same only much, much, much slower. So slow, you wish you were dead.

Back squats are exactly like a front squat only you face the other way. Only kidding - front squats are where you hold the bar along your shoulders and collar bone (uurrghh) and back squats you rest the bar behind your neck on the traps that feel like they've been chewed by a dog after 2 sessions in 7 hours.
Back squats:
The sensible thing to do after all that is have a nice relaxing afternoon resting, which is why I took the dogs on a hilly walk/run.

night dedication dudes

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