catching up

hey-hey weight warriors!

So today's session I started by picking up where I left off and will spend the rest of my week chasing to catch up with the programme - lesson to be learnt: don't get ill.

Here's what today had in store for me:
- lots of snatch pulls, up to 52.5kg for 3 reps
- lots of snatch dead pulls, up to 60kg for 3 reps
- lots of back squats, up to 42.5kg for 3 reps

I am still being cautious with the squats because my hip flexor/tendon/leg hinge is still getting sore (guess what I have down my pants right now - no, not that: an ice pack)

The best bit about today's training was that I took my video camera (well actually the best bit was my amazing snatch dead pulls) and I videoed all the other lifters who also train at the greatest lifting gym in the UK (EMPIRE)

Here's Jimmy (in red) & Dr. Martin Weller moves through shot here too. He's a very serious man, Dr. Weller. An important part of training is making sure we stay out of the pain cave and keep our personal faces in the bedroom, a point he makes here brilliantly: 

You've met Ellie1 before, but she has been working ultra-hard to impress you all with her favourite most hated exercise, the pull (clean grip):

I heard she was getting her £5.50 funding from the Empire Weightlifting council cut because she rocked up late to training today - some excuse about not being allowed on the train with her bike, twice, catching the 3rd train, her bike breaking on the cycle from the station, a light falling off, dropping her phone, nearly crashing into someone & then falling off her bike.

I'll have a word with her.

The next character for you to meet is Iranian man. As you can tell, we're a tight-knit community and it's first name basis, apart from when you have a hearing impairment, have never been good at remembering names and the person has a foreign name - that's when you get yourself an uninspired nickname:

That's a 100kg snatch - that's one big snatch. We love Iranian man, he brings Tiger Balm to training and has a lovely exotic accent. Plus he is an amazing lifter and you know you did amazingly if you get a nod from him. (You might want to hit play again on that snatch and indulge yourself one more time).

Finally, meet Gemma, who is jerking a lot in this video:

There's more to meet but those are the faces who were in Theweightliftingroom today :) I'd say 50% of the fun of WL comes from being around these faces :)

More amazingness on Friday, until then - muscle up, press out & twist those hips...

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