pull twice to get a snatch

evening chalk chimps

I am still ill & in case it isn't apparent, I am a massively impatient patient: It drives me mad being ill & it making me miss out. If I am not back to full health tomorrow, I might even just watch/video WL from the comfy seat in the training room. Sigh.

Because I am missing writing my WL blogs as much as more than lifting itself, I have rummaged through my video camera and found a couple of recent snatch videos for you to see.

Here's 3 lifts at 22.5kg...

and 2 snatches at 22.5kg...(note the first is better than the second)

The snatch is a tough lift and because it is all in one fluid movement, any slight error either way means you don't stand a chance at standing out of the squat with it. I have some videos somewhere of me throwing it backwards and forwards to prove it.

Basically, as I understand it, there is 2 "pulls" in a snatch; the first is to just above your knee, and the second is the explosive blast from there up past your hips and above your head - the 2nd one is achieved by jumping and firing your hips forward like you're the one that I want, the want that I want, want, ooh, ooh, ooh honey.

Oh, and don't do this:

Frustrating, isn't it?

Still, not half as frustrating as being ill and missing out on training altogether.

later leotard lovers x

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