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Hello again Ellie Fans!
(bit of an assumption)

So this week I learnt that you cannot work a full time job, part time job, complete a post-graduate degree, work out every day & have less than 7 hours sleep a night. I sort of already knew this because this is not the first time I have burnt out. Anyway, because of this minor recurring problem, we had to move my Friday session to Saturday. 

I warmed up for this session taking the dog for a walk whilst the bf generously drove across the other side of the city to collect the lifting shoes I forgot...  

Here's my hang snatch at the moment:

This session I was feeling so inspired so I was fully geared up to put 100% in; this was only marred slightly by my technique not being quite up to standard to allow me to lift 100% in the snatch. I say technique; I mean balls. I got a mental block at a certain weight & couldn't break past it: in these instances I have started lowering the weight down and repeating the exercise again to finish on a successful lift of whatever exercise.

The bf/coach pointed out the strength work in the session I can still put 100% in so I felt much more bouyed and the tears stopped for the squats, where I am currently doing high reps at a lower weight (still heavy) to work up to less reps on a higher weight in the following weeks. Apparently. I controlled the lowering, avoided bouncing, and powered up quickly, causing the bar to jump up off my shoulders :) felt good. 

Next session is tomorrow - lots of sleep this week is my new target for this week (also start cycling to work when I can:)

power up!

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