the S curve

Hey 'tards!

I was ready for tonight's session & had my positive outlook on although my body was moaning from the word go that 4 hours mucking out horses at the crack of dawn on a Sunday should be followed by a day off. We ignored it and got on with the following:

- snatch
- CnJ
- Back Squat
- Snatch-hold push press (evil)

It was a good session & the first time I've done a proper snatch from the floor with a second pull, but more impressively, without crying.

Cleans took a bit of adjustment & a few key cues to get right, but that was OK because I started to improve straight away (if I do say so myself...)

I am no where near perfect technique but some of the big technical points are coming through & apparently I am now developing an S-curve (watch the end of the bar's route on the video)

Just about everyone wants more extension: that means at the top of the pull your hips powering through to a full extension - the reason this is so hard is this is at the quickest moment in the lift when the bar is travelling up quickly and the hips extend then fold again to come under the bar. Sometimes I concentrate on the extension so much I end up powering it and not coming under the bar :) (see first snatch on video!)

My coach wants me to mention how I whined like a baby doing snatch push presses but I'm not going to because it flies in the face of my positive approach.

In a nutshell: today went well. Now I am off to get on with my main training point for this week: MORE SLEEP

Click here to view 3 snatches and a clean and jerk from today :)

hang tight x

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