I've found the perfect prompt!

Evening Tireless Titans

In today's session I finally found the perfect mental prompt for my lifting; those magic words that give you the right movement and mental process; magic words that flicker in your mind right as you prepare your chalked hands on the cold bar and feel your breathing quicken in anticipation; the perfect que for the best lift you can do; the words you tell yourself...


It's a little cliched and simple, but it really seems to work for me. All the improvements I have been seeing are all down to this 1 simple thought and not remotely the weeks of carefully chosen exercises and training progress thought out by the bf.

Here's the progression of my cleans...



Not bad :) getting much better.

The difference, if it isn't glaringly obvious to you (I had to have it explained...) is that now I am waiting for the 1st pull to get halfway up my thigh (the slow part) before the quick 2nd pull (which you'll see takes me a little by surprise here). The crap stand out of it is due to a distinct lack in squats (a fact the bf has leapt joyously on and included from now on in vast quantities). You can tell (apparently) when the movement is right when you see the knees move back under the bar as it rises past them.

It's a very technical movement but today I managed to maintain it (pretty much) right up to my equal PB, so there's a good chance - with some serious squatting like a desperate rambler miles from a public toilet - that I'll improve my clean rapidly :)

Exciting times :)

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