Hi Muscle Mules!

I have been inspired lately by my hero of lifting (the herculean Klokov) & am feeling really positive about my own lifting :)

I have 101 things to improve in my style and technique, but I have decided this is actually exciting and not remotely failing. Half the adventure is in the journey and I am ready to start taking the rough with the smooth and shrugging off bad days much better to focus on the good ones :)

Here's a little clip my coach took of my PB hang snatch & OHS - much to improve (the bar doesn't meet the hips & my bum rises first still) but believe it or not this is actually an improvement haha :)

I have cut out ballet from my week as I have a great deal of balls in the air at the moment, so in my spare time (rare!) I will be down at Empire WL Club :) 2012 will be my year for WL - not in time for the Olympics ;) but I'll be there at the test event cheering on my WL hero & of course, our very own Sonny Webster.

It's early for a new year's resolution, but it's a new leaf turned :) I'm excited to get going - there's an operation on the horizon but even with a month recovery, I won't let that deter me :)

you don't have any strength if you don't have mental strength :)
POW! x

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