Hey Platform Pundits

So we did a little workout yesterday - just a few squats and a couple of hang snatches then I went into a 10 minute interval workout. We topped it off with a 45 minute hilly dog walk, which was plenty for 1 day!

These backsquats were only 35kg (men's bar) but I am not bothering wasting too much gym time building on strength specifically because I have 2 weeks until my ear surgery, so we're using this time to get the technique right. Squats are still in there to make sure I activate both glutes and hamstrings equally, which I don't - when it gets heavy I will skip my right hip up and push the weight on to my left leg. Absolutely everyone has imbalances in their body, but it's important to know yours and work on them to minimise them as much as possible. It's easier for me to drill and build up the strength on my right leg like this than with my max.

I did a couple of nice hang snatches with the men's bar - I always find it feels really wobbly without plates, but the technique was good. I am starting to feel like it's becoming automatic, which is really my top goal at the moment.

After the surgery, all going well, there is an Open at Empire I'd like to throw myself into completely unprepared. It won't be my best weights but I think it's about time I got myself into the competition circuit to get me hungry for it :)

As a final note, I have a little prodigy - here's me teaching her the hook grip (with claws)

Keep lifting; Keep battling; KBear

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