That's a clean clean and jerk, jerk

Evening Power Puppies!

I am in a really good mood from training tonight Kbear fans :) I did C+J and Back Squats - nice and short but it all came together right :D

Not much else to say apart from watch the video:


And yes, that's me getting told off on the last rep for talking whilst I had the bar off the ground...again hahaha

My operation is this Monday - frustrating because we've come so far, but you can't do anything about things outside your control. You can only do the most you can and work around what life throws at you. If anything, this time period has taught me to use every moment to the max and do as much as you can - don't take a day for granted.

In other news I passed my 1st year of my Post Grad whilst working full time and holding down a weekend job and training! This year it's back to just 1 job, the 2nd and final year of study and even more training, hopefully :)

KBear x

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