when a snatch looks better than it feels

Hey Pull Pilots

I had a short but good session on Sunday at Empire doing a sequence of:

hang clean > front squat > power clean

It was tiring work, as you can see from this video where Coach W managed to accidentally catch me in the background (thanks coach). I really enjoyed it though and I feel like working to fatigue works quite well for me as it makes the last few lifts feel a lot heavier and lets me correct errors which normally come as you start pushing the weight up. I feel like if I'm tired I can force good technique when it's still light.

I am quite enjoying the sequences so today we did snatch from the floor for the first time only in drills so here were the sequences:

3 consecutive snatches
snatch > OHS

I had a really pap day today at work and felt really tense and stressed so I was really pleased I had a nice session and managed some good lifting. The snatch almost looks like it should do :)

I hope you enjoy watching that as much as I enjoyed doing it - this was the first full snatch I've done since before all the operations :)

Keep at it - eventually a day will come when you see a little progress :)

KBear x

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