It has been some time - I am so sorry. I have had quite a few changes going on behind the scenes but I was reminded today about this little blog and I realised you folk must be hanging on waiting to find out how the KBear is doing - am I right or am I right? hadn't noticed you'd gone actually...

RIGHT let's get down to business. All the technique work is finally paying off and with a little carrot called 2016 dangled, I have been super motivated and focussed.

The Coach has been dealing with my difficult ways, still, and getting my technique right. There's one thing about weightlifting - if you're having a really bad time of it, you can get on that platform and all your problems are...right there with you. That's right, there's no escape. You cry your tears between sets and you carry the weight because this isn't fairyland and the platform isn't a safe, happy, fluffy place - it's where you go to put yourself against it. If you only step up when you're feeling strong you'll never know what you can do.

I can't get through this blog without mentioning a certain international sporting event which occurs quadually - mega disappointed for Mr. Klokov that he didn't lift. I wish him a speedy recovery and if he needs any entertainment/cheering up, he need look no further than this week's training:

I clean better than your girlfriend, I'm happy to jerk, and I have a great snatch

Those snatches were sponsored by Ilya Ilin.

In other news, if you'd now like to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at @tinylittlepaws (I buckled)


KBear x

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