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Hey Eleiko Elves
We had a PB night on Friday at Empire - my second ever. PB nights are a chance to get a little bit adrenalin filled and try to do your best lifts in front of everyone (so basically a practice competition) :)
I did OK - our aims were:
  1. To stay focussed
  2. To get good technique
  3. To handle nerves and pressure
The coach was a little more nervous than me and so only managed to video my last Clean & Jerk, which didn't have the great jerk technique the lift before did (haha):

I had a great time though and didn't feel half as sick as last time. I managed to stay completely focussed on the lifts and not get distracted. It was good practice :D
It won't seem much, but here are my PB totals from the PB night:
  • Snatch: 35kg (in training: 37kg)
  • Clean & Jerk: 47kg (in training: 51kg)
My all-time PB's are:
  • Snatch: 39kg
  • Clean & Jerk: 51kg
but this was back before I learned the technique. Now I have the technique, I can push further and these won't be a limit :)
Just to prove that I am not at my limit, I managed to Clean 51kg today with great technique and would've got 54kg if it weren't for a beetle running between my feet ;)
I am going to write another blog now on some personal challenges I have had recently

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