The week after the weekend before...

 After all the excitement, adrenalin and success of the weekend, I started this week excited, driven and raring to go!

Unfortunately, my body had other ideas. On Monday night, it crashed. Straight to bed after work. Then Tuesday we had a little session planned - nothing heavy, just preparing for the new training programme coach is cooking up. Well, I have never had a competition before and even though I was warned repeatedly, I somehow thought my overwhelming excitement and sudden major aspirations would mean that my training would take on new heights of wrong I was. It felt like lifting lead. Everything was hard work. 5 squats at 40kg felt like I'd never make it.

I did an interval workout later in the week and had a riding lesson too - I'd not done either for a few weeks on the run up to the competition due to the back injury and needing to train. I thought these would be like active rest, but by Friday's session I was so ruined. I am writing this from Saturday afternoon - rest day - on the sofa with a hot water bottle and a sleeping puppy on my lap. I feel like I need a week of this before I'll feel normal again.

I think it's times like these, when everything is a slog - work is hard, post grad studies are building up, exams looming, cash flow is bad, the days are short, your body is knackered, the house needs cleaning and repairs, there's never enough time, the puppy gets ill, every training session fails to meet the weights that seem obtainable from the comfort of your office chair, is when you put in the hours that let you have times like last weekend.

I don't often get very long spells where everything goes right. But no matter how hard it gets, I will push on and push hard through because I want days like last weekend again.

And they'll be all the sweeter because of what I had to push through to get there.

Ad astra per aspera
KB x

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