How long has it been?

Afternoon Bear Fans (:3

First of all, I am full of apologies to you for the long time it has been since I last posted. I have a number of excuses & no good reasons. However, I have been training hard & making great progress and have a lot to share with you guys (:3 I hope you have all been training too!

To catch you up:

1) I have a training partner now, Kermit - she is absolutely brilliant to train with and we have great fun. Having the right training partner can be a huge boost and really good for your motivation and training. I feel very lucky to have her there :) There is also a new lifter joining our team recently, the magpie, who is also great fun to have on the team :) more on those guys in the future (:3

2) Training has been going really well and my current PB's are:
Snatch - 47
C&J    - 60

3) This weekend I went to the Devon Open at Bournemouth Barbell (thank you Paul Rees for a great day) just me and Coach and we did really well. I have had some medical problems which meant I had to be very careful with my weight and I was 63.3kg so I went into the 69kg class this once, and came 3rd of 5 lifters (I'd have won 63's) & also actually lifted at 63, which is enough for me. A competition PB on each lift - what more can you ask?

I think coming up perhaps some blogs on competition preparation/nerves in the future (:3

Until then, here's a video of my lifts at the Devon Open...
Here comes ELLIE!

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