Update from the Bear (:3

Hey platform pumas 

As always, lots has been happening. When I last penned this blog my PBs were 47/60. We are now at 50/65 and still climbing. I put this down entirely to our coach and his programming. 
I don't know how he programmes - I hear words like super compensation and peaking and see the weekly programme sent through with a seemingly random pattern of numbers and exercises and I just switch off. As an athlete, I like to be completely ignorant of my session before I start; I don't know anything but the exercise I'm doing. I find it helps me put 100% in the whole time. If I know I have heavy squats at the end of the session, I am going to hold back.
I am excited today as its my 30th birthday and next week we have a competition. I now have new romaleos and a new competition suit so I am feeling armed and ready.
The goal for 2014 is to qualify for the British champs and I am on target with my weights so its looking good.
Hopefully see you there...

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