The week before a competition...

Hey Bar Buddies (:3

As I have a competition coming up I thought now is a good time to talk about competition preparation so here's how the Bear prepares:

1) making weight: let's address this straight away because it'll be on your mind. There are ways to balance your body water levels and all sorts of fasting and weird and dramatic methods you can find out of but ultimately I use the following adjustments a couple of weeks ahead to ensure I'm lean but not lacking:
- cut unnecessary sugars: processed and fructose
- increase marginally animal and fish protein and vegetables (varied sources)
- drink lots of water (until 7pm of the night before then none until weigh in)
- IF 14 hours (or 2 meals a day)
- main meal during lunchtime and light meal on a night (easier digestion)
- assisting recovery: vitamin C
I have to add the disclaimer: I'm not qualified to advise on diet (I'm just a bear) and this is just what I do. If it is close on the last few days, ill reduce the portion size down but I try not to leave myself hungry.

2) training: this is really coach's area but from observation I'd say this is a very light week with 1 session going to my openers and lots of sessions of foam rolling and mobilisation. The hardest thing at this time is relaxing and not over training. If you've done your training right, you'll leak at the competition and be bright and fresh as well as full of adrenalin. Get it wrong, overtrain and be impatient and you'll step onto the platform utterly drained.

3) get your shit together. Find your BWLA membership book, passport, spare pen to sign drugs tests forms (no one ever has a pen!) print out your google directions, fill your car with petrol, fill your tyres with air, decide what light meal you'll have after weigh in (stuffing your face will just make you sluggish and heavy; resist the urge to gorge - chew and eat slowly, plenty of water) in short: get organised. I like to write a list. And always, always arrange someone to look after the dog because you'll be out all day.

4) get as ,ugh sleep as you can cram in. Sleep sleep sleep. With an hour a day less than usual, my training suffers. So don't let the tension and nerves get in the way of sleep. Make time.

Speaking of which, time for me to get to bed early (:3

If you've a competition soon, good luck!

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