Go! Go! Go!

Yo platform punks!

This blog is going to be as quick as my training session today and quicker than my 2nd pull -

Today I trained with my hero (Gem) & my mini-(stronger-than)-me, Ellie1 :)

We did:
Power Snatches
Snatch Pull from Hang
Split Jerk
Back Squats

It was good today because my 2nd pull is pap (see photo). We had to speed up around the jerks because I had 20 minutes to dash through before having to dash off for ballet rehearsals (just like in the olympics).

Gem challenged me to a mega-rep conditioning type thing at the end of the squats - we went down to 25kg and I had to do as many reps as I could - I did 51; I could've squeezed a few more but my legs were trembling and all I could think was that I'd never make it through the plies later (that's my excuse). Gem then doubled my reps & the rest.

Just to reiterate, Gem is my WL idol.

Dinner tonight was compliments of the BF:
Tuna Steak, 2 types of bean, courgette & green pepper
small pot of Soya yogurt with crushed almonds

Laters muscle monkeys - I need some zzz's! x

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