running scared

hey heavy homies

I have decided I am going to start letting you in on my other training and active rest days so you can see the full picture that is my week. After yesterday's WL session being so light & following it up with an intense interval workout, you'd be forgiven in thinking I don't appear to know what a light week means and you'd be right.

Today I didn't fancy doing another interval session & I was feeling all inspired by the Polish Olympic Team of the 1970's so I got my BF/2nd coach to write me a quick conditioning session whilst dinner cooked:
warm up: jogging with arm circles; side runs; and backwards running
conditioning: leg lowering; duck walking; side to side tuck jumps; press up & sprints; bounds; bridging; 1 leg jumps; walking lunges (w/15kg sandbag); sit ups; & ninja tuck jumps.
The neighbours may be forming some unusual ideas about me.
I don't have any of those super-cool mega-high waistbanded pants, but I made do as best I could - check out the video to see the current American Olympic Team Coach & his Polish chums making a very hard conditioning exercise look like a bit of fun.

I have decided I am also going to add a new feature to each of my blogs - a heads up on whats on the menu at Casa Del Ellie after my workouts. Here's today's munchies:

Honey, Lemon & Oregano Sticky Chicken with 3 beans & Courgette vegetables

Finally, you might be wondering what the title 'running scared' refers to - today my two coaches had a good chin wag about my inability to 'go light' or even have a rest day. I've got EDS - I am always going to be running scared of weakness & I will never feel strong enough.

One trick I've learnt to avoid crashing & burning - get as much sleep as you can :)

night bed bunnies x

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