where have you been?

Hi heavy hounds

I am very sorry I have not been to the weightliftingroom recently; I was ill with a virus that apparently ate all of my mitochondria & left me weak as a kitten (which I am still fighting out of), plus I am having a blood test next week but soon after that I expect to be back on the platform.

Anyway! In the meantime I have been beavering away getting better and then getting back into exercise with interval workouts (short & sharp) and then yesterday a 4 mile run (every step: agony) & finally today stepped back onto the platform for a light technique-based workout.

Today I did:
snatch balance
clean off blocks
clean pulls
front squats

Here's 65kg clean pulls - can you see the second knee bend developing? (me neither)

Welcome back to me - I'm weaker than ever!

push that ground away x

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