finding my sound

Hey Weightlifting Winners

Again I owe you all apologies for a long absence from writing this little window into my WL journey - I had a short period where I didn't lift because of medical issues and then have since been returning and trying to work out why I was getting so frustrated.

Basically we have been focussing on getting my technique right and that has meant doing lots of different exercises and not really doing the actual 2 lifts I am learning to do. I don't know either - I just let my 2 coaches decide what they're doing and trust them ;)

Here are a couple of videos from one of my training sessions this week where we are working on my 2nd pull...this is a snatch hang exercise...

and here's a hang C+J PB :) (52kg)

All those hangs tore strips off my thumbs and my EDS joints decided they were going to stretch all over and my distinctly non-EDS skin was the only thing holding my thumbs on my hand...

Now, these look like 2 painful red torn tissue over the thumb knuckles - actually they didn't hurt at all (half the danger of EDS). This is actually good news for 2 reasons:
1) the skin lesions showed my thumb knuckles over stretching, which I otherwise wouldn't have noticed; and
2) now we have noticed, this means I get to tape my thumbs up & feel like a total beast. Seriously, it's only improved by walking around with straps on. The only similarity in real life would be fingerless gloves in a free weights area, and even that isn't even close.

In other news, things are getting heavy enough to make me make noises - apparently mine are like sex noises - I don't think I have found my sound, yet.

Now I have returned and been working on technique and started writing my blog again, I am off on holiday to sunny South of France for a week. What?

Get it up; Keep it up

Ellie x

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