return of the mack

Hi Pull Punters

I am now back from our holidays & you'll be jealous happy to hear I spent some really fantastic early mornings running down to the beach & doing some sprints & more of that 1970's Polish weightlifting olympic team conditioning (shared in an earlier blog:) as the sun rose. It was the perfect setting & a really lovely holiday :) There are unfortunately no photos of my beach workouts as the bf/pt was usually fast asleep in bed!

Believe it or not I have been back 2 1/2 days & my suitcase is still half full. It is my 28th Birthday week this week & so I am run off my feet busy so my first session back will be Friday afternoon (first opportunity!) where I will undoubtedly be doing lots of overhead squats to work on my position. Look back here for the update from the first session back on the weekend...

In the meantime, here's a video of a Russian megastar lifter called Klokov, who is my new friend (stretching the term friend as far as I can) showing just how strong you can get:

I really hate it when people say "don't get too muscly, will you?" but then when you see someone as amazing as Klokov, you can see why they might think you might turn into a tank :) Don't worry, there's no danger!

check back on the weekend, weighty ones!

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