training when you don't want to

Hey heavy hounds

So today I managed a 5 rep back squat PB of 44kg...and then went home.

The PB wasn't even hard, so that'll last 2 minutes until my next session :) but unfortunately my stupid female body is having some sort of hormonal difficulty so I will be at the Drs demanding an explanation next week ;)

In the meantime, I now have an Iphone (natch) & have become acquianted with "apps" for the first time - my first being this really ace one that lets you do all sorts of effects to photos :) I absolutely LOVE photos, so I have a new hobby & you will get blogs full of arty pictures :)

Here's me in my back squat sets today and the bf/coach doing some snatch-presses:
Ellie1 said something to me the other day that really stuck with me and that was the important training days are the ones you really don't want to do - you feel tired/rough/grumpy/sad/stressed and those are the ones when you get your sorry butt to the gym and you lift weights. I think the only exception is illness or injury - and not even those if you're Ellie ;)

With that in mind, I am away this weekend touring the North of England (!) and will be having a riot so on my travels I will be working out in my hotel rooms and will be back in theweightliftingroom next week!

For anyone curious, here's an average view from the seats at the side at Empire Weightlifting Club:
Lift Long & Prosper ;)

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