Hey Power People!

Last night we went to Empire - it felt like an age since I graced those platforms but as it turns out, they were so crammed to the rafters with lifters that I said to the coach we'd be better off going to the Performance Gym again, especially since we had technical bits to work on.

So we left the crowd behind and went to my private gym (heh) and worked on my clean technique. It was fun and I feel like I am getting there. The big bit will be when I can pull the technique together from the floor rather than hang.

My thumbs were a little sore from hangs even though I taped them, which is because it was quite heavy for hang work and we cut short my jerks because my wrists hurt lowering the bar (no stands at the performance gym - well, there are, but they're so big and heavy no one wants to move them haha) and I didn't have any wrist bandages with me :) The jerks I did do were epic, though - BOOM

Click here to see a video of my clean technique development and the ocassional comedy facial expression...
do you call that a clean? THIS is a clean...

Until Monday...clean up this weekend...

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