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Evening PB Pundits

Tonight I finally wriggled onto a platform at the infamous Empire to train & was rewarded with meeting Precious McKenzie - if you don't know who he is, google, read and sit in awe for a while. When you're done, return here to carry on...

...welcome back! So yep my session went well - it seems the bf/coach knows what he's doing and I got an equal PB front squat of 55kg (which felt quite easy) & then we went on to jerks because we ran out of platform so I PB'ed my jerk too (52kg) - although this came at the cost of my elbows and lower back (ouch) & then because the platforms were still full up, finished with a PB OHS (30kg for 3).

It was a good session and I didn't feel tired like I'd been PBing all over the place. I really feel like I've got my head in the right place - apart from a massively improving my attitude and chilling out a bit, everytime I start to feel a little scared I think "Courage, KBear" in a deep voice with a Russian accent ;)

Click here to see a video with Precious McKenzie!!! in the background of my PB jerk
some jerk in the way of Precious

and click here to see my wobbly OHS:
wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on a plate...

Not long now until my operation which will see me out of the game for 1 month - but don't worry, I will be doing different challenges with what I can do (like splits) and when I recover I'LL BE ON IT!

stay precious x

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