the final session :')

Good evening training terminators!

Sorry this is so late but in my classic well-organised fashion I was cramming in a college assignment & only just finished...

In other news, I had my last training session tonight for an ENTIRE MONTH. Why? I hear you cry, with tears welling in your eyes. Well, sadly I have to have surgery this Friday morning on my ear to stop me getting vertigo (not a WL's friend...or horse rider...or anyone, come to think of it) and this means I will have a giant bandage around my head and be completely useless for a time, and then I'll feel great but if I try anything my ear will bleed (alarming) and then, finally, in December - I'LL BE BACK!

So tonight's session went well :) back squats to 62.5kg (PB 65kg) without losing too much form (tipped forward a little from 60+), finished with a PB sent of 50kg back squats for 5 reps :) and then straight into drilling the snatch (snigger).

Tonight we tied everything together and brought the first pull into it - after all these sessions from hang, I am going to find a simple snatch easy peasy. The technique is there now (providing I have my head screwed on right) and although this 35kg power snatch (I think that's a PB...Ellie1 would have to confirm...I wonder if she's ever thought of working for Guiness Book of World Records...) shows my random head nut forward under the bar that I suddenly developed just on this one lift, here's the video:

Click here to see me nut my snatch

For all those who believe technique is more important than weight, here's my lift before at 32.5kg where I don't start head banging:

Snatch with no head

Right, well it's late and I have a long journey up north (made longer by my mum's motorway driving) so I better get my head down. I won't totally abandon you though! I am already thinking up ridiculous exercises I can do without making my brain dribble out of my ears (impatient patient...)

Laters lifters, laters

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