"really smooth"

Evening World Champs!

So have you been watching the World Champs in France? Putting aside the cold icicle sliding down the throats of EU countries as they contemplate a new world order led by France and Germany (the end of the world may well be nigh), the French Publique Generale have been massively welcoming and cheering on every lifter - watching has been so exciting so far. Personally, I am really excited to see Klokov lift on Saturday evening (no surprises there) but to get back to my training in preparation for the 2099 Worlds:

Tonight's session went great. I am really getting into this hang business and barely needed coaching through my routine. I started with front squats and despite cycling to and from work today, managed to bish-bash-bosh out a PB 57.5kg. Hang snatches went well (video below - I went up to 32 kg) and I am now catching them a little higher and letting it push me down into the squat rather than dropping. Finally I finished up with some snatch balance & OHS combinations, until my wrist said NO THANK YOU. If anyone sees any of those Chinese lifters, ask them where they get their leather wrist supports from for me.

Click here to see the hang snatch that caused the bf/coaches boss to breathlessly gasp "really smooth" with an impressed and astonished expression on his face:
SLIGHT over sell...

Night night Ellie fans, enjoy your weekends and remember - KLOKOV SATURDAY NIGHT.

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