The Bear is Back!

Hey Elieko Elves!

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and stuffed yourselves with turkey and vegetables Paleo style! I am now recovered enough to train again YEY!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post - in my time off I did a lot of stretching and even more eating junk so chewing took up too much energy ;) I am now back on the exercise - the first few workouts were the most agonising I've ever had - I was as slow as an old lady negotiating stairs and aching as much as a kick in the nuts. I slowly trudged through them though and I am now getting back into it. I actually feel fitter than ever - that could be supecompensation or all the twixes, we'll never know.

It's 2012 soon! And I have a BUNCH of NYR's but the one you'll all care about is my weightlifting goals and here they are:
Snatch 50kg
CnJ 65kg
Both of these have been set by Coach Weasel so we'll see - the pressure is on him ;)

In the meantime, here's a hang snatch from my first session back:
We're sticking to short, sharp sessions to start so I don't get too fatigued/fed up and also splitting the 2 lifts so I don't get confused in the technical stuff...(d'oh...)

Here's today's session's hang clean:

Ellie's Hang Clean...

So here I am, two sessions in and the squats are feeling good and even and the lifts are OK :) here's to 2012 and getting where you want to through hard work :D

Get motivated! KBear out x

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