"Did you hear that, keep your head up"

Yo sports squirrels!

I have had a few good sessions lately and it's nice that there's not too much pressure on me at the moment and I am doing a fair bit of technical work and not too much max. weight, but I am having some difficulties with my ear and am getting a bit impatient.

I have had to cut short pretty much all of my sessions because of my ear and we are basically working on the premise that if it hurts or I get dizzy we stop. It's sensible, but when sessions are going so well it's also frustrating! >_<

As tough as it is to walk away from the platform when things feel so good but you've an injury or issue, it is always worth it. The cost of damaging my ear for the sake of a training session could put back my training by MONTHS, which is what I remind myself (:3

I've no video for today but I promise to do one next week for you and try to get some funny bits in (;3

Have a great weekend! KBear x

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