fight the sweaty fight

Evening fighters :)

I had a week off with a virus last week (a tentative interval workout Friday proved on Saturday that I wasn't recovered) but I was back on it tonight :) remember - always listen to your body.

So tonight was a rough one for me - I am waiting on some news about my ear from my surgeon (basically if I am about to go through another operation and another agonising recovery period) and he's calling in the morning so after a week off ill and then that looming, it was hard to find the motivation. It'd be easy to say "what's the point?"; hell it'd be easy to baby myself and feel sorry for myself because my ear is hurting and I have a horrible potential ordeal ahead of me (not the op, the doing nothing afterwards!) but I didn't - when my thumbs couldn't hack a snatch grip on the men's bar we switched to cleans.

I fought my way through a tough workout when the weight wasn't heavy - why? Because my technique needs the time, because my heart needs the fight (gay) and because you don't just give up. It's that sort of attitude that says I'll start my diet Monday, or I'll build up my workouts slowly and then start with a gentle walk. MOVE! FIGHT! The only thing that is certain in life is that you're here today - so use that amazing machine you call home and make it ACHE :)

OK I am taking my cult-leader top off (I'd say hat, but I actually have a top that looks like I am a cult leader...) and putting back on my WL top (squishes boobs down so they're out the way of the bar path - you hear me girls) and speaking of bar paths...

Coach Weasel has shown my bar paths on my clean...

and jerk! how exciting!!! (for me...)

These are far from perfect (well, apart from the jerk. I think my jerk is amazing) - the clean needs improvement on the first pull (that's from the ground to the knee) before the 2nd pull to ensure the bar moves to the right, back towards my hip to enable me to extend and get that last inch of pull. Still, it's not bad :)

Right I need to get some sleep - after this I did a brutal 30 minute workout so I need my sleep more than ever...wish me luck tomorrow


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