what a jerk!

Evening Pulling Pundits

I had a quick look at the stats for my blog tonight and I see I have an international audience! If the viewer in Russia is who I hope it is - Spasibo! :) and I've emailed you!

Tonight's training was OK - it started with some drama when James with the cool teeth passed out from a 60kg clean (the guys offered to load his bar more for him so it didn't look so gay...). Nothing to worry about though, with my coach having had his first aid training he turned around to see a twitching unconscious James on the floor and immediately said "what're you doing?" - I feel safe.

Whilst poor James laid with his feet elevated and looked the colour of dough, I cracked on with my squats. We always start with squats now - for lots of reasons, I find this a bonus:
a) I get warmed up and confident at the bottom of a squat with heavy weight
b) If the session goes badly (not pass-out-badly, obviously) then at least I got something done
c) Squats are quite hard work and it warms me up well/I'm less likely to complain about doing them

We then went on to hang snatches and I ended with singles at 30kg. I am ready to start snatches from the floor again now as my technique from the knee is improved, but unfortunately an annoying German arrived and started lunging seductively at my coach and distracted him and getting in the way of my platform.

We finished up with jerks, and didn't get to too heavy because my ear is still making me wobbly. I did get a video up though, and have turned it into a handy instructional video on how to jerk, even though I don't appear to think it's that great a jerk at the time...

Watch this, Jerk!

Right, early night again for me - I'll be back with more on Friday, until then, I'll be checking my email a lot...


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