Training Today

Hey Hang Hounds

Today's session was really good, which was a surprise as I was really tired from not enough sleep and I was feeling a bit rough with ear ache...blah blah blah

Anyway! as it turned out, I had my A game on! Squats were agony (2 brutal interval workouts in days up to today, including one leg poor cheeks) and then into snatches.

Today was the first time in MONTHS I have snatched from the floor so it was a nice feeling of things coming together (:3

I did a fun little video with my training from tonight and it even has some slow-mo action - that's right, I know how to treat you guys...

link to my hang snatch into snatch

Right, early night for me!

Get onto the platform - even when you feel a bit ropey/off, you might have a great session. You'll never know unless you try


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