Hey platform pixies :)

So I have been a tad quiet the past week or so - you will notice the photo here of my much bruised and cut up abdomen - unfortunately my appendix wasn't very well and I was unfortunate enough to need two surgeries to sort it out. I have lost count of how many needles I've had stuck in me :(

Anyway! I have also heard my ear operation needs to be re-done too. These two things combined mean another very frustrating interruption into my training. The only thing keeping me going at the moment is my favourite Russian man ever has sent me a training programme <3 which I cannot wait to start on! I am still mega confident that my technique is improving and I can pick up where I left off from and I will be even better in 2012! It's early days and I will be something really special very soon :)
Coach Weasel
It definitely helps having people like my coach behind me :)

I think when all is said and done,by this summer I will be riding and lifting and running and working out and that's something to really look forward to :)

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