That's right - I know what you're thinking, who are you again? this is a bit tardy, isn't it? Sorry guys - I had my ear surgery and then in the time it took to recover, I had a bit of a dodgy appendix problem where they had to operate twice - Now I am waiting for a second ear operation (1st one failed) but have been working on technique in the meantime :) It's been really rough not training at all (in both weightlifting and normal workouts and not being allowed to ride) but I have surprised myself with how I have accepted it and handled the situation.

We've been working on my first pull (ignore the 3rd one...where I resort back to my old style i.e. wrong):
If you don't know much about weightlifting like me then have a look at the knees moving back as the bar moves up to where they were (on the first two, anyway...) - apparently that's good! It's the very first part of the S curve :) (the curve of the bar during the lift)

I am so happy to be back - 3 weeks of training on technical stuff, another operation (REALLY hoping it is the last) and then I will be ON IT with the strength training and bringing the strength and technique together :)

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